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Welcome to Leśny Gród
We invite you to visit our park that is said to be at the same time a place of calmness and varieties. Leśny Gród is located in Milówka City, between Rajcza and Węgierska Górka, near Żywiec in Beskid Żywiecki and is directly connected with Slavic beliefs. You can find here a Svetovid statue – a symbol of pagan cult - and oriental elements represented by the Japanese garden with such plants as Ginkgo and Bamboo. The aspect of our garden that is worth mentioning is the water, which in our garden became a symbol of life and developing nature and is represented by various ponds with fishes. Except from various statues made from spruce, one may find here, among other things, Peacocks, Chinese and Tibetan Pheasants and Frogs. Moreover, many of our statues are the recollections of the Maya peoples’ and Inca peoples’ cultures. In the spring, one will be able to find in Leśny Gród such flowers as: Crocuses, Jonquils, Orchids, Hyacinths, Narcissuses and decorative Garlics. An additional attraction for our guests is a fourteen-meter tall poplar sculpture designed by Grzegorz Śleziak (the owner and designer of a garden). The sculpture has a great chance to be presented in Guinness World Records Book.
Health and decorative aspects of Leśny Gród
In our garden there are a lot of our domestic plants (resistant to frost and winds) that have therapeutic properties. Therefore, while visiting our garden one can at the same time heal his ailments. We have here among others such species as: Sambucus Nigra, Crataegus Pedicellata, Rosa Canina (used for brewing Tea that helps in heart and high blood pressure problems), Bird Cherry (which fruits look like wild cherries), Wild Plum, Antonovka. One can also find here Viburnum shrubs, seven types of edible Sorbus Aucuparia or Cockspur Thorn. We have also prepared a special attraction for our visitors, such as many old and almost forgotten plants like the European Cornel (used by our ancestors to prepare Marmalades or Jams), Sea-Buckthorn (that grows in Siberia, where - thanks to Vitamin C it includes - it protects its habitants from Scurvy or Influenza), Tilia (a honey plant brought purposely for our Apiary), five types of Birch (for example Downy Birch which juice is widely used to cure Proteinuria).
We can also present to our guests wide range of exotic plants. The most captivating species are: Fig Trees, Oleas, Bay Laurels (its leaves are used to create a traditional Polish spice) and two types of Kiwi trees along with five types of Acer Palmatum, several types of Bamboo, Rhododendrons, Magnolias, and others. In the autumn one can admire various ornamental grasses such as the Miscanthus Giganteus or Pampa.
Our garden was created mainly to present an opportunity for society to experience fauna and flora from all over the world. From spring to autumn there are around 1.5 million variations of plants – this is the only one such unusual place in Poland. One can meet here animals living in their natural environment and plants which posses healing qualities. It’s a special place, where one forgets about day-to-day problems, and can contemplate about the past, present and future. The Feng Shui inspired design of our flowers and plants stimulates the imagination and gives an extraordinary impression and experience.
Grzegorz Śleziak, the founder and creator of Leśny Gród says:
While designing this garden, I used untypical combinations of, for example, an Apple-tree (a symbol of fertility) and a Yew (a symbol of longevity). The garden was designed in a natural way. It is a reminiscence of my childhood spent in the country, of unfulfilled loves… It is an image of my imagination, of fairy tales (for example a house on a chicken’s paw – a reminiscence about a princess that didn’t have a son, a heir of the throne, and, after spending a night in such a place with her beloved, she finally gave birth to her male descendant).
The garden, animals and plants are to stimulate a spatial imagination. My garden is my dream and I am aiming to make it perfect. When not dreaming, we are getting older, because a human being without dreams and passions is old. Every one of us has his own garden, we take care of it, buy new plants to beautify it, we admire gardens at every season of the year, which – as every “season” of life – is characterized by different colors. I am positive that a person having just a tiny part of his own land, will surely appreciate the hard work put into creating this garden. One of the purposes of creating this place was to prove to local people that one is able to achieve his goal even on so infertile soil. The point is to choose the very best plants that will surely grow in such a place. Some of them say ‘ There is nothing interesting in this garden. The founder has just put some plants there… It is just like a forest’. But my greatest dream is to change these people’s minds, to make them be aware of the fact that their envy will not change this region. Thus, visitors of my garden leave here big funds that will help this area to develop. So please, stop accusing me of the fact that you need to clean your windows more often because of bigger pollution, it is for your own good…

Opening times are subjected to weather conditions. Therefore, please check our website (www.lesnygrod.pl) before visiting us.